Driftless Curiosity and RedLou Library

Driftless Curiosity and RedLou Library collaborated to provide a poetry walk for first graders. They read poetry, ate a picnic lunch, read in the hammocks with buddies, hiked, and did crafts.

Readers on their hike to the hammocks stopped and read animal poetry from a book by Valerie Worth titled, "Animal Poems"

After the poetry walk we headed to a stand of pines with hammocks. We ate lunch, read and relaxed in the hammocks.

Family Games Night

Viroqua Elementary sponsored a family games night. RedLou Library was outside to provide families with information about its evening stops for the summer.

These two girls were eager to "checkout" the library. Browsing the shelves to find what they love to read.

Community Resource Night

Viroqua Area Schools PreKindergarten and Montessori sponsored a community resource event for families with a child who will be 4 years old by September 1. Families explored the RedLou Library. They learned about our mission, purpose and the plans for summer.

Sweet Valley Artisan

The Giving Bench

Sweet Valley Artisan in Coon Valley, Wisconsin selects three charities each quarter to donate to. RedLou Library was selected as one of the charities for the first quarter.

Stop by their store and support local artisans as well as a local charities.

Thank you for your donation!

Xcel energy donated to RedLou Library. RedLou used these funds to purchase children's books and large print books.

These books were donated in celebration of a grandson's first 365 days of life. This child spent the first month in a neonatal ICU. The little guy is happy, healthy, and doing fantastic!

What an amazing gift!

What an amazing celebration!

Thank you for your generosity,

kindness, and thoughtfulness.

Many, many children will

benefit from your gift.

Written in the card with the donation the grandparents stated:

"Is there a greater gift than that of books/reading/exploring/knowledge?!"

Our first trip to the Forest School at parent pick-up.

Creamery Creek

The weekly lobby stop at Creamery Creek finds a dad and his son enjoying the library together. Cart loads of books and coffee table books to browse. Books about the Korean War, picture books for grandkids and great grandkids and everything in between.

Vernon Area Rehabilitation Center

RedLou Library now stops at VARC every Tuesday.

Patrons select books and checkout.

You can learn more about VARC at


Book Donation

Author Kevin Kunkel has a local connection. He and his mother-in-law, Cindy Guist donated a signed copy of his book, "The World We Choose" to RedLou Library. You can go to this website and hear the book be read by people around the world, it is very cool!


Twinklefest Parade

RedLou Library all decked out for the parade. Thanks Viroqua Chamber for organizing the parade.

WKBT News Clip

Click on the link below and view a 30 second newsclip about Redlou

Viroqua nonprofit library brings books to both young and old (news8000.com)

Vernon Communication Video

Reading: A Shared Experience

Here is a photo that was shared with Mary. A father and son enjoy a wordless picture book. The book was checked out from RedLou Library during a visit to the son's daycare.

It is fantastic!

I wanted everyone to see it.

Viroqua Daycare "Checks Out"

the RedLou Library

After storytime, kids from Viroqua Daycare were all smiles as they selected books to checkout. Trucks, Look and Find, Knights, and seasonal books were popular choices.

Maplewood Terrace

Residents of Maplewood Terrace Assisted Living facility enjoy the new RedLou Library service they are receiving. Some like to sit and read, others to browse and checkout.

PrairieWind Halloween

PrairieWind sponsored a Halloween party.

RedLou participated with fun Halloween books.

Lots of fun and games for everyone as well

Viroqua Lions

Viroqua Lions Organization donated to RedLou Library and gets a tour of the van.


Book Club Donates

Martha Hoffland presents Mary with a donation from Viroqua/Westby Book Club

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market readers

"I think you should choose a bigger book!?"

"Hey you! That's my chair!

A family enjoys books with Mary.

Neighborhood After School

While Mary was preparing the library, the neighborhood children enjoyed reading after school.


At the season finale of Driftless United Soccer young players waited for their turn to play. While they waited, they visited RedLou Library and read.

Creamery Creek

A stop a Creamery Creek to schedule visits.

Their dog was ready to checkout.

"What do you mean I can't checkout?"

Helping Prepare Books

A group of people helped place a book pocket in each book for RedLou Library. One volunteer brought her puppy. I wanted to keep it. It is named "Deaver." After adult author Jeffrey Deaver. With a name like that it was so appropriate that the puppy came to help with books.

The Dinners

Dinner guests were welcomed and served their choice of beverages. We had a beer and hard cider both brewed by local resident Paul Buhr served in frosted glasses.

Reactions of dinner guests when they saw RedLou Library driving down the road.

Desserts at the dinner

Lemony White Almond Cake Turtle Cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake (with homemade chocolate sauce)

Book donation to honor a grandchild's first birthday