Naming the Mobile Library

RedLou Library

Virgil "Red" Mulvaney

Louise (Brennan)


Mary Mulvaney-Kemp's Dad, "Red," started a company called Custom Pools, an in-ground swimming pool company (in Minnesota, no less!). Eventually, Custom Distributors was also created to distribute pool and spa supplies. He loved to travel and crack jokes. People said he had an infectious laugh. He read all sorts of magazines remembering silly facts. He was an idea person, but he also knew how to get things done. He died in October, 1985 at the age of 61.

Ms. Mary's Mom, Louise, a hearty Norwegian, raised thirteen children. She made homemade bread (about 8 loaves at a time), and THE BEST caramel rolls. There was nothing better than the smell of warm homemade bread when walking into the house after school. She did volunteer work for many organizations. Though she herself never learned to swim and was afraid of the water, she made sure every one of her children (13) could swim. She died at the age of 91 in December 2019.

Ms. Mary's parents set aside some funds for her to start the mobile library when she was ready. Well, that time has come and when trying to think of a name, Mary knew she wanted to honor her parents. She chose the name her Dad had used when he started a business many years ago called RedLou. Add the word library and RedLou Library was born, a nice name and a special way to honor two terrific people.